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» Download 800x600 -- You are probably an estate agent*
» Download 1024x768 -- You are probably an accountant*
» Download 1280x1024 -- You are probably a computer programmer*
» Download 1680x1050 -- You are probably a designer*
» Download 1440x900 -- You are probably a crime boss*

*Based on no research whatsoever.

Mobile Wallpaper

» Download Landscape
» Download Portrait
» Download Square

Q. Gee, Mister Jedi, how do I set the wallpaper on my mobile?
A. Well Billy, mobile is short for mobile phone, a hand held communication device developed in the late 20th century. The mobile phone used a complex network of satellites to enable people who watched too much telly to shout 'WHASSUP' to one another over long distances. Since the 'WHASSUP' craze died out the mobile phone has been rendered pretty much obsolete, although some people like to decorate theirs with pictures they've found on the internet. To set the picture on your mobile phone simply use magic.